Benefit Our Diamond Insert Regrinding Service And Recut Your Cost

Exploit our Cost-Effective Diamond Burnishing Insert Regrinding Service. Best option for extending lifespan of your tools. This service helps you get most out of your initial tool investment.

Use our Regrinding Service for all your Diamond Burnishing Inserts. Extend tool life upto 10 times, resulting in significant cost savings for both new tool and production expenses.      Regrinded diamond tips, will perform just as effectively as a new tool, ensuring optimal performance and productivity. You can continue using same production parameters, without any loss in surface quality improvements.

With our quick turnaround times, we guarantee efficient regrinding services for all diamond burnishing tips available on the market today, as Cogsdill, Baublies or Hommel+Keller / Zeus.  Prompt service ensures minimal lead time.

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